"We need to talk " - for singer and electronics. The story of a relationship told in text messages. 39 scenes in 28 minutes.

Camille Hesketh - voice.

Peter Hannan - music, words, electronics

Jimmy Tait - staging

Vancouver New Music Festival, October 15, 2016

Three songs and an electronic piece from - from History of the heartbeat   The singer is Camille Hesketh. www.camillehesketh.com

These pieces will form part of a full length electronic work currently in development.


Trinkets of little value 

This is a version of the piece sung by Robyn Klassen with "virtual" orchestra. This piece was originally commissioned by the Winnipeg Symphony in 1991.


Trinkets of little value 

1. Theguehoaca 

2.  Assomaha: Honnesca 

3. Canada Undagneny 

The texts for these songs are taken from a “dictionary” of about 200 native words found 

at the end of Jacques Cartier’s account of his second voyage to Canada in 1535 – the 

language of the newly “discovered” land. The words are not arranged alphabetically, but 

rather by association or subject. I have preserved the associations in these songs – 

sometimes even the order of the word lists. 


The title refers to Cartier’s own description of the currency he used to win over the 

people of this new land. As he described in the “Voyages” , gifts of these trinkets 

provoked ecstatic singing and dancing among the “savages”. “We gave them knives, 

glass beads, combs, and other articles of little value, which pleased them greatly: they 

lifted their hands to heaven as they sang and danced in their canoes”.