In June 2007 I went with my wife Karen Stancer to Lesotho. Karen is a doctor who at that time worked with AIDS patients in Vancouver, and she was doing a project for the Clinton Foundation mentoring health care workers in Aids treatment.

Momohau, Lesotho 

One of the things I was very privileged to do in Lesotho was attend rehearsals, record and video a teenage gospel choir in Mamohau we were stationed.  The group Mighty Voices is led by Mape Mohlomi, who is a not only a great singer and musician who is beginning his own recording career, but an excellent trainer of young singers.

Here are videos of two songs that I recorded from the group Mighty Voices in Mamohau Lesotho. I didn't have a video camera with me, so these were done with the video function on a Nikon Coolpix stills camera. I made a DVD of Mighty Voices as they sang in Mape's kitchen.

 Here are two songs from the DVD. 


In December 2008, we went back, this time to Leribe. During the week of December 8 to 13, I followed the band Senqu, which is led by Motsamai Malieane. I shot all the rehearsals that week, then went with the band on a road trip to Mokhotlong. Here are videos of three songs from that gig. The first shows some of the drive from Leribe to Mokhotlong, then the other two were shot at the gig.